January POWerful Word – INITIATIVE – Week 4

When we buckle down, work hard and take initiative, we reap the rewards. Some rewards are externalРfrom the outsideРlike applause, trophies, ribbons and good grades. Other rewards are internalРfrom the insideРlike pride, gratitude, fulfillment and confidence. Which type of reward lasts longer and makes us feel the best? Internal rewards! Think of your goal. What are the external and internal rewards for taking initiative and achieving your goal? Think of when you take initiative and help someone who is struggling in school with schoolwork, friends or bulliesРwhat are the rewards for doing so? What are the external or internal rewards for helping out at home? When we take initiative, there are rewards for starting, for sticking with it AND completing the goal/task!

If you have time: What happens to our initiative and momentum when the only reward is external?