Author: AMA Staff

Tuesday Teens & Adults – Empathy W3

Week 3: This week, we’re talking about how our actions affect others. What gets in the way of our being able to see how our behavior affects other people? Are we simply self-centered? Busy? Not tuned-in? Author of Regeneration, Pat Barker, wrote “It’s the hardest…


Tuesday Teens & Adults – Empathy W2

Week 2: This week we’re talking about predicting and communicating feelings. In the heat of an argument, it’s difficult to be empathetic. It’s also challenging to refrain from blame. Someone once said; Love is saying “I feel differently,” instead of “You’re wrong.” As leaders, parents,…


Tuesday Teens & Adults – Empathy W1

The Powerful Word of the Month this month is “empathy.” Empathy is the ability to take a walk in someone else’s shoes in order to read, understand, “feel” and respond to other people’s feelings. It may seem counter-intuitive to set goals that incorporate the feelings…