Author: mr.herrman

Monday Miyagi – 05/30/17

I was inspired this evening to share a Monday Miyagi… on a Tuesday šŸ™‚ Enjoy!Ā  The Fisherman and the Samurai   A long time ago during the reign of the Tokagawa Shogunate a samurai set out on an errand.   Precisely one year ago to…


Bullying and Cerebral Palsy

I was contacted recently by Alex Diaz-Granados,Ā one of the chief editors at His team isĀ campaigning for National Bullying Prevention Month, and has a ton of greatĀ information and resources for parents, teachers and caregivers to combat bullying on their site. “Studies concerning childhood bullying suggests…


HB 2334 in Danger of Death in Senate Again

After spending the day in Olympia in support of HB 2334, I received news 2 hours ago that our bill is in danger of Death in the Senate Again šŸ™ We need another email campaign tomorrow (March 1st) to these Senators. Apparently there is fierce…