Belt Testing ITP Form

AMA Online Intent to Promote Form

**AMA students who are belt testing must complete this ITP form online or in person at the front desk. You do not have to login to register for classes. We will process your class preferences based on your responses in the online form and contact you if we have any questions or need additional information to process.

***AMA students who are not testing, but need to register for classes, should complete the top of this form.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your Belt Promotion is Almost Here!

Please note: this form is only required for students who are testing for their next belt rank (white belts who have 1 or more tips and colored belts who have 2 or more black tips). Students who are testing for their 1st or 2nd black tip should not complete this ITP form.

*In order to manage class sizes and student-instructor ratios we require students to register for specific days & times. Please pick up a printed schedule at the front desk or view the online schedule for your AMA location (under “Schedules” tab in top menu bar).

Dear Parents, After several months of hard work and dedication the student above is testing for a new belt level. As part of our curriculum at Alpha Martial Arts, we do our best, as you do, to instill in our young students the qualities that will help them succeed throughout their lives. That’s why our school teaches the principles of Black Belt Excellence including: Focus, Courtesy, Respect, Self-Discipline and Self-Control. If our students are not improving in these areas, either at home or at school, we would like to address it. Please take a moment to give us your opinion. Thank you in advance!

  • *If student is a minor
  • Would you like us to contact your child's K-12 teacher concerning any challenges at school?

  • (Valid email required)
  • HOME BEHAVIOR: Parents please complete the following:

  • *My child has my recommendation for a belt promotion:

Submitting this form does NOT guarantee your promotion! You must earn a red tip on your belt test.

Karate Test Dates: See AMA School Calendar

*Karate GraduationSee AMA School Calendar