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Monday Miyagi 110909

This week’s Monday Miyagi is a preview to the Scientific American article written by Carol S. Dweck Professor of Psychology at Stanford University and the author of “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.” The entire SA article is available for $7.95 as a digital download…


Monday Miyagi 110209

My son will be one month old tomorrow. The last 4 weeks have been filled with new experiences and the joys and challenges of being a first-time parent. Mateo has dictated our schedule from the moment he arrived (or, more accurately, from the moment my…


Powerful Words Teens & Adults – Discipline W4

Week 4: This week we’re talking about the importance of thinking for yourself as a fundamental part of staying disciplined. David Campbell once said; “Discipline is remembering what you want.” I’d like to put the stress on the word “you” in that quote. Sometimes we…