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Children’s Introductory Course

Learning martial arts is fun and provides lifelong benefits, but we know it can be a little intimidating to get started. We’d like to invite you to view a short video that will introduce you to our school and help you see the advantages of training at Alpha Martial Arts. If you like what you see, we’ve made it easy to find out if our school is right for you! We offer a short, no-obligation introductory course so that you & your child may have an opportunity to experience the value of our programs first hand.

During your introductory course you will experience our approach to teaching life skills through blocking, punching and kicking and we will have an opportunity to discuss your child’s specific needs and to answer any and all questions that you may have about our programs. Your child will have fun, begin building a solid martial arts foundation and learn valuable life skills they can apply at school and at home. They will also have an opportunity to earn their white belt!

Please call us at 206-528-3737 (AMA Bryant) or 206-322-1433 (AMA Capitol Hill) to schedule a convenient time for your child’s first lesson. Our introductory course is only $49.99 and includes a private lesson with one of our Black Belt instructors, an official AMA karate uniform and 2 weeks of age appropriate group classes. Thank you for your time and interest. We look forward to meeting you and working with your child soon!

Watch 2 minute Alpha Advantage Video

Adult’s Introductory Course

ADULTS! Call us at 206-528-3737 (AMA Bryant) or 206-322-1433 (AMA Capitol Hill) to schedule a convenient time to start your introductory course. For only $49.99 you will receive 4 group classes and an official AMA uniform (Karate), bag gloves (Kickboxing) or AMA t-shirt (Fitness). Participate in Kenpo Karate, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and/or Fitness classes. You don’t have to be in shape to get started, but you have to start to get in shape!

*Fitness is offered only at AMA Bryant.

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