AMA Ravenna-Bryant Class Schedule

2923 NE Blakely Street, Seattle, WA 98105 – 206.528.3737

We are now offering ONSITE and ONLINE classes!

We understand that everyone’s circumstances and comfort levels vary. If you are interested in returning to the dojo please review the our onsite class guidelines (however, understand circumstances are subject to change based on local/national regulations).

PLEASE NOTE: All onsite classes require reservations! Space is extremely limited. Masks and Social Distancing are Required at All Times.

*All class times are PM unless otherwise noted.

Dragons: All Dragon Belt levels ages 5-6. Dragons who are 6 1/2 or older  should speak with an instructor about moving up to the Juniors program.

Juniors White – Green: Junior WHITE BELTS – ADV. GREEN. Juniors who are 12+ should speak with an instructor about moving up to the Teens program.

Juniors Brown – Black: Junior BROWN – BLACK belts. Junior Adv. Brown Belts should attend class 3 days/week (50{1d96d231ab15286cc2909578709a2dba1f05c1bc2821770822e5433a4504f686} or more of Fridays are required).

Teens Kenpo All: Teens Only! WHITE – BLACK belts.

Adults Kenpo All: Adults Only! WHITE – BLACK.

Teens & Adults Kenpo All: Teens & Adults! WHITE – BLACK.

Hyper Team: Students on the Hyper Team learn a variety of Weapons, including Sword, Staff, Kamas, Chux, Fan, Tonfa and more . See an instructor for information on tryouts.

Mr. Durgan: Junior Black Betls and all Teen & Adult Kenpo students may attend Mr. Durgan’s monthly workshop.

Adults Kickboxing: All level Kickboxing classes are ages 16+ focusing on conditioning, basics and punching / kicking wavemasters

Adults Muay Thai Beginner: Introduction to the art of Chaisai Muay Thai are ages 16+ with a focus on developing solid basics, bag work (wavemasters, heavy bags and thai bags) & some beginner pad work (focus mitts and thai pads).

Adults Muay Thai Int/Adv: Intermediate and Advanced Chaisai Muay Thai techniques, combos, pad work, partner drills and sparring. Sash, Full Uniform & Sparring Gear Required.

Adults Jab Fit are ages 16+ and typically include a skill to build functional strength and a metabolic workout of the day (WOD).