AMA Bryant Schedule

AMA Bryant – 2923 NE Blakely Street, Seattle, WA 98105 – 206.528.3737

PLEASE NOTE: In order to manage class sizes and our student-instructor ratios we ask students to register for and attend on specific days & times. Students may mix and match class days/times. Karate students register for classes on a quarterly basis. Kickboxers & Crossfitters may register on a weekly basis. *All class times are PM unless otherwise noted.

Tigers: All Tiger Belt levels ages 3-4 (30 min.).

Dragons: All Dragon Belt levels ages 5-6 (30 min.). Dragons who are 6 1/2 or 6 3/4  should speak with an instructor about moving up to Juniors Basic.

Juniors Basic / BBT Beg: Junior WHITE – ADV. YELLOW belts (30 min.). Students enrolled in BBT Beg stay an additional 15 minutes (45 min. total).

Juniors BBT Int / Adv: Junior ORANGE BELTS – ADV. GREEN belts (45 min.). Juniors who are 12+ should speak with an instructor about moving up to Adults & Teens Kenpo.

Juniors Brown / Black: Junior BROWN – BLACK belts (45 min.). Junior Adv. Brown Belts should attend class 3 days/week (Fridays are not required).

Teens Kenpo Basic / BBT: Teens Only! WHITE – BLACK (45 min.).

Adults Kenpo Basic / BBT: Adults Only! WHITE – BLACK (45 min.).

Teens & Adults Kenpo Basic / BBT: Teens & Adults! WHITE – BLACK (45 min.).

Adults Kenpo Black: Adult BLACK Belts (20 min.). Adult Black Belts may also attend the Adults Kenpo class to review under Black Belt curriculum.

Masters Weapons: Students enrolled in Masters learn a variety of Weapons, including Sword, Staff, Kamas, Chux, Fan, Tonfa and more . See an instructor to enroll.

Masters Kenpo: Junior & Adult Black Belts may attend Mr. Durgan’s class (60 min.).

*All BBT students must bring sparring gear on M/TU.

Adults Kickboxing are all level classes focusing on conditioning, basics and punching / kicking wavemasters.

Adults Muay Thai Beginner classes introduce students to the art of Chaisai Muay Thai and focus on developing solid basics, bag work (wavemasters, heavy bags and thai bags) & some beginner pad work (focus mitts and thai pads).

Adults Muay Thai Int/Adv classes include more advanced Chaisai Muay Thai techniques, combos, pad work, partner drills and sparring. Sash, Full Uniform & Sparring Gear Required.

Adults CrossFit classes (60 minutes) are ages 13+ and typically include a skill to build functional strength and a metabolic workout of the day (WOD).