AMA Ravenna-Bryant Class Schedule

2923 NE Blakely Street, Seattle, WA 98105 – 206.528.3737

We are currently offering ONSITE and ONLINE classes!

We understand that everyone’s circumstances and comfort levels vary so we have 2 different options for classes. If you are interested in returning to the dojo please contact us to reserve your spot and/or  questions about current onsite class guidelines (however, understand circumstances are subject to change based on local/national regulations).

PLEASE NOTE: All classes require reservations! Space is limited.

*All class times are PM unless otherwise noted.

Dragons: All Dragon Belt levels ages 5-6. Dragons who are 6 1/2 or older  should speak with an instructor about moving up to the Juniors program.

Juniors White – Green: Junior WHITE BELTS – ADV. GREEN. Juniors who are 12+ should speak with an instructor about moving up to the Teens program.

Juniors Brown – Black: Junior BROWN – BLACK belts. Junior Adv. Brown Belts should attend class 3 days/week (50{1d96d231ab15286cc2909578709a2dba1f05c1bc2821770822e5433a4504f686} or more of Fridays are required).

Teens Kenpo All: Teens Only! WHITE – BLACK belts.

Adults Kenpo All: Adults Only! WHITE – BLACK.

Teens & Adults Kenpo All: Teens & Adults! WHITE – BLACK.

Hyper Team: Students on the Hyper Team learn a variety of Weapons, including Sword, Staff, Kamas, Chux, Fan, Tonfa and more . See an instructor for information on tryouts.

Mr. Durgan: Junior Black Betls and all Teen & Adult Kenpo students may attend Mr. Durgan’s monthly workshop.

Adults Kickboxing: All level Kickboxing classes are ages 16+ focusing on conditioning, basics and punching / kicking wavemasters

Adults Muay Thai Beginner: Introduction to the art of Chaisai Muay Thai are ages 16+ with a focus on developing solid basics, bag work (wavemasters, heavy bags and thai bags) & some beginner pad work (focus mitts and thai pads).

Adults Muay Thai Int/Adv: Intermediate and Advanced Chaisai Muay Thai techniques, combos, pad work, partner drills and sparring. Sash, Full Uniform & Sparring Gear Required.

Adults Jab Fit are ages 16+ and typically include a skill to build functional strength and a metabolic workout of the day (WOD).