Adults & Teens Kenpo Karate

Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate is a modern martial art specializing in realistic methods of self-defense. It features exceptionally fast combinations and a scientific approach to training.

Vintage Ed Parker Kenpo Commercial:


While Kenpo traces its roots to Chinese Martial Arts, American Kenpo is the creation of the late Senior Grandmaster, Edmund Kealoha Parker, the “Father of American Karate.”. Mr. Parker brought Kenpo to the mainland from his native Hawaii in 1953, and subsequently developed it into one of the most comprehensive and practical martial arts systems in the world today.

As Mr. Parker studied Kenpo in Hawaii, he was sensitive to the need for an updated approach to Martial Arts to combat the modern methods of steet fighting. Analyzing, interpreting, and experimenting, he discovered, modified, and developed concepts and principles that extend beyond tradition and revolutionized modern martial arts. American Kenpo Karate is best known as a self-defense system and is built around defenses against eight major categories of attacks (see below).

Kenpo students at Alpha Martial Arts learn:

  • Basics: The foundation of the system. Basics include: stances, foot maneuvers, blocks, parries, punches, strikes, finger techniques and kicks practiced in the air and on equipment
  • Forms and Sets: Increasingly sophisticated patterns of basics that teach various themes and help develop skills while moving.
  • Self-Defense Techniques: Practical and logical application of basics against 8 major categories of attacks: 1) Grabs & Tackles, 2) Pushes, 3) Punches, 4) Kicks, 5) Holds & Hugs, 6) Chokes & Locks, 7) Weapons & 8) Multiple Attacks
  • Freestyle (Sparring): Application of basics with a partner while using protective equipment, accuracy and control.



Please use the links to register online or call us at 206-528-3737 (AMA Bryant) 206-322-1433 (AMA Capitol Hill) or 206-519-6882 (AMA Ballard) to schedule a convenient time for your first lesson. Our introductory course includes a semi-private lesson with one of our Black Belt instructors, an official AMA karate uniform and 2 weeks of age appropriate group classes. You don’t have to be in shape to get started, but you have to start to get in shape!

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