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  • M 1/2: First Classes of 2023!
  • M 1/16 (MLK Day) – No Karate
  • W 1/25: January Leadership Workshop
  • W 1/25 – SA 1/28: Month 2 Tip Testing
  • F 1/27: January Pre-Test, Black Belt & Degree Exams (No Friday Classes)
  • M 2/20 – President’s Day – No Karate (*We are OPEN the rest of mid-winter break!)
  • W 3/1: “February” Leadership Workshop
  • W 3/1 – SA 3/4: Month 3 Tip, Belt & Chevron Testing
  • F 3/3: “February” Pre-Test, Black Belt & Degree Exams (No Friday Classes)
  • M 3/6: Spring Quarter Begins!


Download a pdf of the 2023 AMA Testing Dates Calendar for reference and planning. **Test dates are subject to change and will be modified if necessary. Please confirm!




Onsite Class Reservations:

Reservations are required for all classes! *Onsite students will be assigned a specific and consistent class day/time. Email us if you would like to attend onsite classes — Absolutely NO drop ins!

Private Lessons: 

Curriculum Review Videos: 

Monthly Tip & Quarterly Belt Testing Review Videos are available online. Please contact us if you do not have the current password.

Karate Tip, Belt & Chevron Testing: 

  • Not sure what Tip Testing is? Check out our Tip Testing FAQ
  • Testing takes place at the end of every month. Please refer to the “Save the Dates” and/or Testing Calendar at the top of this page for specific dates.
  • Black Belt & Degree Testing is conducted on the Friday of Testing week. Please contact your head instructor for details and to schedule a pre-test and/or exam date.
  • Make Up Tests should be completed within 1-week of the missed test. *Time permitting we will be offering Make Up Tip Tests in classes the Monday, Tuesday and Saturday following test weeks. Please let an instructor know that you would like to complete a make up test at the beginning of class.
  • *Brown, Advanced Brown & Flipped Brown Belts must schedule a private lesson to make up missed tip tests!

Powerful Words Projects: 

  • Karate students are encouraged to complete their monthly Powerful Words Project to earn their stars! Please submit your projects before the end of the month by taking a picture or scanning your attendance card and returning it to your dojo’s location by email (AMA Ravenna-Bryant, AMA Capitol Hill or AMA Ballard). *If you don’t have the correct email address please use our contact us form (you will not be able to attach your file, but we can reply with the correct email address).

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