12 Days of AMA Fitness Challenge 2011 – Day 3/12

AMA Fitness Challenge Day 3/12:

1 Squat, 1 Sit Up
2 Squats, 2 Sit Ups
3 Squats, 3 Sit Ups
…all the way up to 12 Squats & 12 Sit Ups 🙂

Squats = Feet slightly wider than shoulders, toe out slightly, lower so thighs are parallel to floor then stand all the way up.

Sit Ups = Any style of sit-up (arms crossed, arms extended overhead, spear… just make sure you complete the full range of motion – elbows to knees – and do not pull on your neck!). No crunches!

*Bonus points if you time yourself and post your time with your first name and last initial to the comments 🙂 Have Fun!