“Bought the groupon $30 for 4 kickboxing classes and comes with gloves! Just got home from my first class and I feel amazing right now!! I feel so energized and I feel like I can work out more. It’s the perfect amount of exercise where you feel the adrenaline and sweat but you don’t feel exhausted.

First ten minutes is warm-up and I already started feeling tired. They gave great attention to beginners. The instructor would lead the class and beginners stayed to one side and learned basic punches and kicks in a small group. The last part of class was fun, we did a rotations thing. Row 1 did freestyle with the punching bag, 2 did plank, 3 did squats, and 4 did jumping jacks, and we rotated every minute. It was a lot of cardio and the music kept you pumped up!

The only downside is that the location is behind uvillage so it’s not really convenient for me unless I drive.”