5-Week Fitness Challenge @ Home Workout #5C

For your final (#5C) fitness challenge you need to complete 25 good quality reps of each exercise. It is okay to stop and rest during the round, but you must complete all 25 reps before moving to the next round. This is our benchmark workout that we started the challenge with (#1A). You can see your progress by comparing today’s times to your previous times. Did you improve your time or the quality of your exercises? If so, well done! And finally, remember:

The biggest room in your house is the room for improvement!

  • Rest for 30 or 60 seconds between each round.
  • Record the time (in minutes and seconds) that it takes you to complete each round and the amount of rest between rounds.
  1. Round 1 = 25 Push Ups
    1. Maintain a straight body & go all the way down (chest & hips touch floor) & all the way up, every time!
  2. Round 2 = 25 Sit Ups
    1. Knees bent, Feet flat on ground, Touch elbows to knees at top
    2. *Arms can be any style: crossed, behind head, arms extended overhead, spear… just make sure you complete the full range of motion and do not pull on your neck!
  3. Round 3 = 25 Jumping Jacks
    1. Closed = Feet together hands clap thighs, Open = Feet straddle hands clap overhead
  4. Round 4 = 25 Squats
    1. Place feet slightly wider than shoulders, toe out slightly, lower so thighs are parallel to floor then stand all the way up
  5. Round 5 = 25 Tuck Jumps
    1. Bring knees up to chest (no heels to bottom!)