October POWerful Word – FAIRNESS – Week 2

Who here has been involved in some kind of game or competition before? We all have! What kinds of competitions have you been involved in (i.e. board game, meet, race, sports, essay contest)? So think about one of these sports, games, or contests. What are two rules of that competition? When everyone follows the rules, what happens? What happens when someone involved in the competition does not follow the agreed-upon rules (i.e. resentment, not fun, unsafe, no fairness)? Tell us about a time when you were involved in a competition and someone didn’t follow the rules. What happened? What are some of the rules that should be followed in school to make things fair for everyone (i.e. do your own work, raise hand, don’t cheat)? What happens to fairness when someone doesn’t follow the rules? We need to follow the rules to keep things fair!

If you have time: What are two of our rules here in class? What would happen if someone broke them?