A great martial arts experience for kids…

A great martial arts experience for kids, 5ish up through high school.  (And adults too).  Working towards a junior black belt can be an experience of self-confidence, control, and discipline that’s hard to find anywhere.  Chris Hermann, who owns the school and leads classes, inspires discipline, hard  work, individual effort, and values that help kids in all aspects of their life.  Classes are challenging but non-competitive – each child is working on improving their own effort and reaching their own goals.  The school also requires things like the Powerful Words homework in order to impress positive values on the participants.  All in an atmosphere of fun, encouragement, channeling energy and aggression in positive way.  Chris encourages the kids to be positive members of their community, by modeling community involvement (they host free stranger-danger classes, participate in the Furry 5-K and the Big Climb as well as other charitible activities).  
For young kids the two-day-a-week commitment can be a lot, but it’s worth it.  And for middle and high school kids who want to take that extra academic or music class, two classes plus qualifies for a year-round PE waiver in public school.
Great school, great staff and leadership, positive values.  Two locations now – just north of the U Village on Blakely, and new school up on Capital Hill.