Adult 5-Week Fitness Challenge, Monday 8/2 – Thursday 9/2

The 5-Week Fitness Challenge is designed to see what you can accomplish in 5 weeks when you focus your efforts.

  • Free to all AMA Parents and Adult Students.
  • $59.00 for non-AMA parents/students.
  • Already enrolled in Muay Thai? Bring a friend for free!

Challenge participants will attend a 45 minute Muay Thai Kickboxing class 2x/week followed by a 15 minute conditioning class (choose from: Monday 8:15-9:15pm, Tuesday 12-1pm, Thursday 12-1pm, Friday 8:15-9:15pm). We will also supply at home workouts for 2 days/week and nutritional guidelines.

This is a fantastic challenge for anyone, whether they have zero or lots of martial arts experience. This challenge was designed for all ability and fitness levels. The classes are perfect for those looking to build lean muscle, lose weight, improve cardiovascular conditioning and of course, get empowered.

The 12:00pm classes are taught by Miss Kristin, the 8:15pm classes are taught by Mr. Dan – both certified Muay Thai instructors. Please see a staff member to register.