“AMA is an awesome martial arts school for kids…”

AMA is an awesome martial arts school for kids. We have been an AMA family since my oldest child was in 2nd grade (he is now going into 7th). AMA has been the best therapy for my boys who both have ADD. AMA helps with focus and self confidence in a way that other sports cannot. You compete against only yourself and you learn to set goals and meet them in a positive and encouraging environment. The best part of AMA is watching the kids grow as they advance in their belt levels, with some of the kids choosing to move into assisting with classes. As a parent I have watched the teens that teach at AMA grow from assisting in teaching classes to being the instructor for the classes. The teens, now young adults, are awesome role models for the kids, my boys love Mr. Nick and Mr. Chris! I cannot say enough about AMA, and thank you Mr. Herman never feels like enough!