April POWerful Word – GENEROSITY – Week 1

There are many items that we can give to others that can be helpful to them and/or put a smile on their faces. When we are generous and share our treasures-those items that are important to us and important to others- it can really make a difference. In the beginning of the school year, there are many items that we like to have for our classes, to hold our books, to hold our lunch and to do our homework. What are some treasures you like to have? What could we give to others so that they can have a good school day as well? Let’s think; what are some “treasures” that we could share with others (i.e. clothes, books, backpacks, blankets, money)? What are some treasures you enjoy sharing with friends or siblings (i.e. candy, books, games)? For those of us who have younger siblings, cousins or friends, what are some items you like to share with younger children? (i.e. drawings, old favorite sweatshirt)? What shouldn’t we share (i.e. germs, toothbrushes, spoons, straws)? Let’s share healthy/clean treasures!

If you have time: What does it mean to make a habit of generosity? We need to find ways, everyday, to give to others without expecting anything in return.