April POWerful Word – GENEROSITY – Week 1

There are many items that we can give to others that can put a smile on their faces or help them out when they need it. What can you share or give to others? We’ll be discussing all the ways we can be generous this month- from giving our treasures and time to using our talents and teams to help others. We’ll also talk about being generous with our gratitude- our thank-yous! When we give our treasures, time and talents, we are being generous. Today let’s talk about giving some of our treasures to others. What do you think I mean by “treasures?” Our treasures are items that are important to us. Think of the items in your home that you really like, you take care of, and are your favorites– what are they? How can you share your treasures with others (i.e. let your sibling use your blanket)? That’s generosity!

If you have time: What does it mean to make a habit of generosity? We need to find ways, everyday, to give to others without expecting anything in return.