April POWerful Word – GENEROSITY – Week 3

Do any of you know what it means to have a “talent” (i.e. an activity/skill someone does very well)? Think about the skills that you do really well here, at home or at school– what are they (i.e. math, dancing, diving, running, gardening, baking, leading)? These are your “talents” because you are “talented” in these areas– you do them very well. Your talents can help others! Let’s share a way that our talents can help others. I’ll start. “One of my talents is _______ and I can use it to help others by ________.” (i.e. One of my talents is singing…I volunteer to sing for the elderly at the senior center)? Think of one way that you have used one of your talents to help others recently. What did you do? Talents are best when generously shared!

If you have time: Share some of the ways you’ve been generous with your talents. How has it fulfilled you to help, inspire, or entertain someone?