April POWerful Word – GENEROSITY – Week 4

What does saying “thank-you” have to do with generosity (i.e. thank people for their generosity, generous with our own gratitude)? There are many people in our lives we can thank. Let’s think about who those people are, how they’ve been helpful, and how we can thank them: (1) Your parent(s), grandparents or other key family member, (2) Your friends, (3) Emergency responders like police/firefighters, (4) Doctors/ healthcare workers. Now let’s chat about teachers. To generously thank those who teach us fill in the blank; “I want to thank my teacher/instructor/ coach for ________.” (i.e. helping me with math, teaching me confidence)? When you need help or don’t understand how to do a new skill/new piece of knowledge, how can a teacher help and show generosity with his or her time, talents or treasures? What would happen to our love of learning and our ability to understand, if teachers did not show generosity while we learned?

If you have time: At this point, remind the children to write a letter, make a picture or record a video (at home) for a special teacher/mentor in their life.