April POWerful Word – GRATITUDE – Week 1

When you look at the word “gratitude” it appears to be made up of two words; “grateful” and “attitude.” Having a grateful attitude
or and “attitude of gratitude” can have a big impact on our lives. What does it mean to have an “attitude of gratitude” (i.e. grateful in thoughts & feelings)? When we feel grateful and have grateful thoughts, science tells us we sleep better, have better health, feel better and act better. All we have to do is show more gratitude! Why do you think showing gratitude can be so “healthy” for us (i.e. it makes us feel good, less stressed, focus on the good)? How do YOU feel when you show gratitude toward others? Does it cost any money to have an attitude of gratitude? No! Does it take a lot of time to say thank you to someone? No! Does it take a lot of energy to say thank you? No! So how often should we do it? All the time! The powerful word is gratitude!

If you have time: When has someone shown gratitude toward you? For what? How did it make you feel?