April POWerful Word – GRATITUDE – Week 2

There are many ways to show that we are grateful. The simplest way is to say the words “thank you” or “I appreciate you.” We can also show gratitude: (1) In a letter or a card: Have you written “thank you” cards to people before? A letter? When? The great thing about a card/letter is that the other person can keep it and look at it more than once. (2) With gestures: What can you do with your arms to say thank you to someone without using voice? You can give a hug. You can also say thank you in sign language (Try it! With a flat hand, move your hand forward from your lips and down towards the person you are thanking) and sometimes, even a smile and expressive eyes can tell someone that you are thankful. (3) Give back! Help the person who helped you. How can you do that (i.e., Help clean the home to help parents)! How do you like to show gratitude?

If you have time: Have you ever baked/cooked to say thank you? What would you bake/cook for someone?