April POWerful Word – GRATITUDE – Week 3

Thankfully, there are many people (and pets) in our lives who help us, inspire us and teach us. That means there are many people to thank! Who are some of the top people in your life that deserve your gratitude each day at home, here in class or out in the community– why? This week, we would like to honor some very special people who help you each day in school. Who are the teachers who help you the most– and how? Fill in the blank; “I want to thank my teacher for…_____.” (i.e. helping me with my letters, being patient with me)? How can a teacher make you feel important? How can a teacher make you feel like you want to learn? What would learning be like if you had a teacher who didn’t care, didn’t prepare and didn’t help you learn? So, how do you show gratitude to your teacher? Let’s show our teachers our appreciation!