April POWerful Word – Kindness – Week 1

In your own words, what is kindness? We need to look for opportunities to show kindness and put ourselves in other people’s shoes (empathy)– why should we do that? When we give someone a compliment, help someone in need, give to charity, say thank-you, do good deeds or say kind words, we are showing kindness. How do you show kindness at home (i.e. help my parent with my baby brother, take care of family when sick)? What happens to those around you when you show kindness at home– does it make a difference? How have you shown kindness at home? How do you show kindness at school (i.e. stand up for a student, tutor a struggling student, smile at new student)? What difference does it make when you show kindness to others at school? How do you show kindness here in class? How has someone else shown kindness to you here in class? How did it make a difference to you?

If you have time: Think about home, school or here in class, how could people be kinder to one another?