April POWerful Word – KINDNESS – Week 2

Kindness starts with you. As a leader, your kindness can make a very important difference to a group. What makes me say that? How can YOU, as a leader, show others how to be kind at school, here in class, on a team or out in the community? We’d like to challenge you this month- we are asking everyone to participate in doing random acts of kindness. What is a “random” act of kindness (i.e. doesn’t need to be planned out- you just do it when you see the opportunity!) Can you give me an example (i.e. open the door for a stranger carrying a stack of books) How many acts of kindness do you think we could each do? How long might an act of kindness take and how much does it cost? An act of kindness can be simple, quick and free! It can be a caring smile, an invitation to the movies, a concerned question or a helping hand! What will YOU do? You will see your random acts of kindness sheet is this month’s project- when can you begin these random acts? Today!

If you have time: How can you show kindness to strangers? How can you be safe and kind? Great!