April POWerful Word – KINDNESS – Week 4

Kindness is all around us. We are so lucky to have so many people in our lives who are kind and helpful. Who are some of the top people in your life that show kindness to you each day at home, here in class or out in the community? How do your friends show kindness to you? How does your family show kindness to you? This week, we would like to honor some very special people who show kindness to you at school. Who are the teachers who show kindness to you at school? How does that teacher show kindness towards you? How does a teacher’s kindness make a difference? Fill in the blank; “I want to thank my teacher for…_____.” (i.e. helping me learn math, being patient with me)? How can a teacher make you feel important? How can a teacher make you feel like you want to learn? What would learning be like if she or he were not kind to you? So, how do you show kindness to your teacher? Let’s show our teachers our appreciation!

If you have time: At this point, invite the teachers into class and follow the teacher appreciation procedure. Remember- the whole idea is to make these teachers feel special and appreciated!