April POWerful Word – MANNERS – Week 3

Using good manners is especially important when we are meeting someone new. So today let’s talk about using manners when meeting and greeting friends and adults. Anyone know the Powerful Greeting? You can say, “Hello, my name is _____. What’s your name?” What else can you say or do? What might you say if you were meeting a new teacher? “Hello, sir/ma’am/Mrs./Mr. ____, My name is ____. It’s nice to meet you!” Part of the Powerful Greeting when meeting adults is using a Powerful Handshake. What is a Powerful Handshake? Just remember the powerful term “GUEST”: Grip the hand firmly but don’t crush! Use a comfortable distance that’s not too close or too far, Eye contact should say “trust me,” Shake should be calm and from the elbow (not the wrist), Time should be at 2-3 seconds. Who can come up and try that today?

If you have time: Exercise: Turn to right/left and do the Powerful Greeting with friends & adults (+ handshake)!