April POWerful Word – Positive Attitude – Week 2

Did you know that the thoughts that we think in our heads and the feelings that we feel in our bodies help to determine our attitude? What do you think I mean by that (i.e. when
you think positive thoughts and feel good about what you are doing, you have a more positive attitude)? Today let’s talk more about how our thoughts determine our attitude. When things get tough at home or you’re arguing with your brother/sister or you got in trouble about something– what thoughts can you think that would help you maintain a positive
attitude (i.e. Things will get better, I can apologize and make it right)? OK- now let’s do the reverse– what thoughts can you think that could create or maintain a bad attitude (i.e. I don’t like them! They never listen to me!)? That’s stinkin’ thinkin’! You can THINK your way to a positive or negative attitude!

POWerful Word Challenge: How do you show that you have a positive attitude at (1) School (2) Karate (3) Home?