April POWerful Word – Positive Attitude – Week 3

When we think positive thoughts and feel positive feelings, we tend to have a positive attitude. When we have a positive attitude, we tend to ACT in positive ways. So let’s talk about how our attitude can affect our behavior today. When you have a positive attitude about school, what are some examples of choices you make in and out of school (i.e. study hard, respect rules, listen to teacher)? What about at home? Here at karate? Another way we can show our positive attitude is to show gratitude. We need to have an Attitude of Gratitude (repeat)! Who deserves your thanks? It’s important to thank our teachers (and the other people at school) for being so helpful, teaching us and showing a positive attitude. Fill in the blank: “I want to thank my teacher for…_____.” (i.e. giving extra help)? What is your favorite thing about your favorite teacher? Great!