April POWerful Word – Positive Attitude – Week 4

Can we change our attitude if it’s bad or negative? Yes! How can we change our attitude? We CAN change our thoughts AND our feelings– it might not be easy but we can do it. So,
let’s talk about thoughts. When we think to ourselves, “I hate this,” “this stinks” and “I’m not good at this” it fuels a bad or negative attitude. What positive phrases should we replace these negative thoughts with (i.e. I can do this; I’m ready, This is great)? What happens to our attitude when we make this switch? What happens to our actions when we make this switch? Yes, they can change too– and become more positive. Remind us how you can improve your feelings when you are feeling sad, angry or frustrated (i.e. get help, talk it out, spend time with people you love)? Again, this is not easy to do. Have you ever been able to change your negative attitude to a positive one– how did you do it? When we do things like say thank you, help others & exercise- can it change our attitude?