August POWerful Word – COMPASSION – Week 2

When our friends or family members feel hurt in some way, how does that make you feel? When we know that someone we care about is feeling hurt or sad or scared, we want to help them. We feel compassion. The question is; how do we help that person? How do we help our friends or family members when they feel (1) Sick (i.e. make a card, bring balloons, call them up) (2) Sad (3) They are in bed with a broken leg (4) Their best friends are being mean? (5) Their pet died (6) They didn’t make the team they tried out for or didn’t win the contest in which they competed? When our friends are sad or hurt, we can help them by showing compassion. How have your friends shown compassion for you? When have you shown compassion for a friend or family member? That’s great compassion!

If you have time: When are some moments in class/ competition that someone might feel sad, scared or angry? How can we help that person feel better?