August POWerful Word – COMPASSION – Week 2

There are several ways to figure out how someone is feeling. Sometimes our friends and family just tell us– other times, we need to figure it out by looking, listening and using our brains. What is one way we can figure out how someone is feeling JUST by looking at them (i.e. facial expression). Quickly, show me happy! Sad. Angry! Surprised. Scared! Disgusted! Now, can someone feel more than one feeling at once? Can they both be “a little happy” and “a little sad?” Give me an example of when we might be “a little happy” and “a little sad” at the same time (i.e. happy to move to a more advanced class, sad to leave friends). Can someone be both scared and surprised (i.e. your friend jumps out from behind the chair to scare you)? Angry and disgusted (someone puts a worm on you)? Happy and embarrassed (i.e. happy to get help but embarrassed you needed it)? What happens in our thinking that makes us want to help others who are sad or hurt? Compassion is empathy + action! Say; “Empathy + Action= Compassion”

If you have time: Can someone show one emotion on their face but truthfully feel a different emotion inside? How? Why would someone do that?