August POWerful Word – COMPASSION – Week 4

It’s important to show compassion for our friends, family members and those who are in need. But it’s also important to show compassion for ourselves. That means that when we feel sick, frustrated, tired or hurt, that we take care of ourselves. Why might someone forget to take care of themselves (i.e. they think that they don’t need it, consider it weakness)? We are all deserving of compassion. How can we show compassion to ourselves when (1) We hurt ourselves badly while in class or in competition. Why is self- compassion a good idea here? (2) We fail a test. (3) A group of kids are being mean and saying lies about you. (4) You are exhausted and your friends ask you to come out with them. It’s also important to give ourselves some self-care. That means we give ourselves time to relax, recover & recharge. How do you relax, recover & recharge after a hard day (i.e. hot shower, read a book, laugh with a sibling, journal, board game)? It’s important to show compassion to others AND ourselves!

If you have time: Take time to talk about how you would like to see your students take care of themselves. Share how you take care of yourself.