August POWerful Word – COOPERATION – Week 3

Today let’s talk about cooperation and “compromise.” Has anyone ever heard of that word before? When we work on a team, sometimes we get our way. Other times we don’t. Still other times we have to make a choice that works for everyone– that takes compromise. When we compromise, everyone “gives a little” and we come up with a team choice! For example, if we were painting a room and I wanted the room blue and you wanted it red we might “compromise” by painting the room green or we might paint the room half blue and half red. When we compromise, everyone wins. How can we compromise when (1) Half the family wants pizza for dinner and half wants pasta (2) Two people want to be the leader of the team. (3) Half of a team wants to practice before school and half wants to practice after. Compromise is part of cooperation!

If you have time: Have you ever needed to compromise and make a choice together with someone else?