August POWerful Word – COURTESY – Week 2

Today we’re talking about courtesy and manners. What are manners (i.e. kind ways of acting, kind words like thank you and sorry)? Manners are the courteous things we do or say that show we are respectful, kind, thoughtful and considerate of others around us. What are some good manners that show courtesy at the dinner or breakfast table (i.e. please, excuse me, thank you to the chef)? What does NOT show good manners at the table (i.e. throwing food, saying yuck)? When you’re at a restaurant, do you still have to show good manners? What manners do you need to use at a restaurant (i.e. no shouting, no running)? What happens when someone doesn’t show manners at the table? As a leader, why is it important to show manners at the table? Why can’t everyone just act without manners?

If you have time: How do you show good manners when you are at a friend’s house? Is this important?