August POWerful Word – DEPENDABILITY – Week 2

Someone please remind us what it means to make a promise (i.e. declaring what you will definitely do or not do). When people are dependable, we take their promises at face value– meaning, we believe that they will follow through, right? So if someone says; “I will be at your birthday party” or “I will clean up my mess” or “I won’t enter your room without knocking,” we believe them. That is, unless we break our promises often and then it’s hard to trust people, right? What kinds of promises do you make to the people in your family (i.e. chores/ contributions, clean up, do homework)? To your friends? What helps you to remember and follow through with your promises (i.e. put on calendar, write self notes, put item in bag before going to sleep). Finish this sentence; “When I keep my promises to my family and friends…” (i.e. they trust me, give privileges, strengthen friendships). Now this one: “If I break my promises over and over…” (i.e. people won’t believe me, won’t trust me). Be someone people can depend upon- say; “you can count on me!”

If you have time: What was a recent promise you made to your friends or family members? How did you make sure to follow through?