August POWerful Word – DEPENDABILITY – Week 3

Many people depend on us in different ways. Every single person in this room has someone (or many someones!) who relies on them. Let’s think about others who rely and depend on you. (1) PETS: Who here has a pet in their home or in their classroom at school? How does your pet rely on you and what do you do to show that you are dependable (i.e. feed them, walk them, show them love, give them water, help them when they are sick)? (2) BROTHERS/SISTERS/COUSINS: Who here has brothers/sisters/cousins/friends who depend on you– and what do you do to show them that you are indeed dependable (i.e. help them when hurt, show kindness when they are scared or sad, stand up for them when someone is mean)? Say; “They can count on me!” (3) TEACHERS/ COACHES/INSTRUCTORS/CLASSMATES: Who here has teachers, coaches or classmates who depend on you? How do your teachers, coaches or classmates depend on you & how do you show them that you are dependable? You show dependability!

If you have time: Have you ever stood up for a friend or classmate? What did you do or day??