August POWerful Word – DEPENDABILITY – Week 4

Everyone makes mistakes- you, me, your parents, teachers, friends- everyone! Nobody is perfect. When we’re dependable and we have made a mistake, it’s important to be accountable. Remember AAA. That means (1) Apologize (2) Admit your mistake (2) take Action to make the situation better. Now apologizing is not as simple as saying “I’m sorry.” For example, there is a difference between saying; “Sorry!” and saying “I’m sorry for ripping your book. I’d like to use my own money to buy you a new one.” How are those 2 statements different (i.e. saying why and offering to make better)? It’s not always easy to admit mistakes and apologize– why do you think that is true (i.e. afraid get into trouble, embarrassed). He’s the secret though– we ALL make mistakes- and how do YOU feel about others who are accountable and admit to their mistakes? We admire and appreciate them! How does apologizing help? How could you apologize if: (1) You were late, (2) Forgot an appointment; (3) Yelled at your friend. Great!

If you have time: What is a mistake you have made- and how did apologizing help make it better?