Concordia Elementary School Talks

It’s been a busy week. On Tuesday & Wednesday this week I spent the early afternoon at Concordia Elementary working with all of their students in their Phys-Ed classes and during their “Team Time”.

I started by teaching all of the students a couple of the core benefits of our program – Focus & Listening – and how to apply them in school. The kids learned the 3 rules of listening and exercised their muscles while using their most important weapon…their brain!

I then taught the ABC’s of Success. The theme of this presentation is goal setting, using the principles of Technique, Aim, Back-Up, Confidence & Speed. This presentation teaches the student to apply these principles to obtain any goal they may set in the future.

I had a great time and want to thank Harrison J. for inviting me to his school and setting such a good example for the other kids. I love going to schools and helping to improve the students’ learning experience through the martial arts. In addition to teaching phys-ed classes and goal setting I have also taught stranger danger and 10 ways to defeat a bully without fighting. For more information on arranging a school talk please contact me. I am happy to do them, when my schedule permits, as a community service.