December Powerful Word – ACCEPTANCE – Week 4

This week we’re looking back on our year and discussing areas of success, areas that need improvement and areas of growth of character. When you look at those you helped to lead or inspire this year — either here or in your life outside of here, what is an example of profound growth of character or great success within your group? How do you feel, as a leader, you can use those areas of success or growth to help inspire acceptance within each member of your group or between group members themselves? When you look at your own performance, where do you see areas of growth and success? Now, when looking at areas of challenge, how do you feel acceptance of them can help you and others you lead, move forward in the coming year? This week, your Powerful Thought Assignment is to write down some of your best success from 2011 and your top goals for 2012. How can acceptance help you move forward?