December POWerful Word – COOPERATION – Week 1

Each one of us is part of different groups that need to cooperate each day. Let’s think of each one of these groups like “teams” that need to work together in order to get things done. For example, our family works like a team at home and our classrooms work like teams at school. Let’s think of our family team first. How do you cooperate to help your family keep everyone safe, keep the home clean and your belongings organized? Do you have specific jobs to do? What would happen if nobody cooperated and helped out at home? We also have to cooperate with our “team” at school. How do people at school need to cooperate to make school safe and fair for everyone? What would happen if they didn’t? Cooperation is important for everyone! It allows us to have more fun and get the job done. It takes one job or one task and divides it among many people or many hands. That’s why when we talk about cooperation, we say “One task, many hands.” When I say “one task,” you say “many hands!” (Repeat!)

If you have time: How does the community cooperate as a team to keep it clean and safe for everyone? Yes!