December POWerful Word – COOPERATION – Week 3

Today let’s talk about cooperation “compromise” and teamwork When we work on a team, sometimes we get our way. Other times we don’t. Still other times we have to make a choice that works for everyone– that takes compromise. When we compromise, everyone “gives a little” and we come up with a team choice! For example, if we were painting a room and I wanted the room blue and you wanted it red we might “compromise” by painting the room a totally different color we both like– say, green, or paint the room half blue and half red. When we compromise, everyone wins. Think of a time when you had to compromise with another person or group of people- what was the situation and what was the solution? Teamwork is also a big part of cooperation. When have you needed to use teamwork in order to achieve a goal? What would have happened in that situation if teamwork was NOT used and everyone did their own thing? Compromise and teamwork are both part of cooperation! One task…MANY HANDS!

If you have time: How could you compromise if a few people on the team wanted to stay for an extra hour to practice but others didn’t want to stay?