December POWerful Word – DIGNITY – Week 1

Since we are humans and we are valuable, we have certain “human rights.” Does anyone know what a “human right” is? A human right is something we are able to do because we are human. For example, we all have the right to be safe and live in a safe place. Think of something everyone here is allowed to do each day. What do you think some of our rights are as a human (i.e. food, shelter, water, play, education, privacy)? Should anyone take away these rights? No! There are some places where some people don’t have all their human rights. How must that feel (i.e. scary, sad)? We are fortunate. Should you take away anyone else’s rights? Because we are human and we are valuable, we deserve to be treated like we matter– with kindness, care and attention. That’s dignity! Let’s say that together!

If you have time: Do animals have certain rights? Pets, wildlife, zoo animals? What rights do they have?