December POWerful Word – DIGNITY – Week 4

It’s the holiday season! And while many people might be thinking about what gifts they hope for on their special holiday, treating friends, family, teammates and classmates with dignity and showing them they matter is one of the most powerful gifts you can give! Before we talk about dignity today, remind me of what holidays are happening this month (i.e. Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa)? Can anyone tell me how these holidays are alike (i.e. give gifts, spend time with family, light candles, celebration) or different (i.e. celebrating the birthday of Jesus, celebration of the miracle of lights, celebration of the Harvest)? How can celebrating our uniqueness and the uniqueness in others (rather than putting people down for differences) be a way of treating ourselves and others with dignity? Great!

If you have time: How can giving to those in need for the holidays show them that they are worthy of care? What can you give to those in need for the holidays?