December POWerful Word – GRATITUDE – Week 3

It’s easy to get swept up in all the holiday shopping, commercials and talk of gifts around this time of year. But really, are holidays about what we can
get from others? No! They are about so much more– what are they about for you? We have to turn this time of year around from one that seems to focus on getting to one that focuses on giving gratitude, kindness and love to others. Thankfully, there are many people (and pets) in our lives who help us, inspire us and teach us. That means there are many people to thank! Who are some of the people in your family you want to thank and what makes you want to thank them at this time? Which friends deserve an extra dose of thanks for how s/ he’s helped you? What teacher, instructor or coach do you want to thank and why? When we take the time to thank others, it gives something great to the other person- but also makes us feel great!

If you have time: Who else in your community do you want to help and why? Let’s thank these people!