December POWerful Word – GRATITUDE – Week 4

People often say that the more you give, the more you get and the more thankful you feel. How can you feel thankful when you’re giving rather than getting (i.e. giving makes us feel grateful for what we have, we feel grateful that we can help someone, grateful for making a difference)? Have you ever been so excited to give something to someone else who you care about– and found that when you gave that special something to that person, you felt even more grateful than when someone gave something to you? Tell us about it. One way to give is to give to those in need through charity. Who can tell me what giving to “charity” means (i.e. Give to those in need) What can you give to charity (i.e. food, shelter, money, toys, household goods, pet supplies, teddy bears, time)? Have you ever donated something to charity– what was it? Imagine that you were someone who was in need and you received exactly what you needed from a local charity. How do you think you would feel? How does it feel to help them?

If you have time: Think of your home right now, what could you give to charity to help those in need?