December POWerful Word – OPEN-MINDEDNESS – Week 2

Today let’s talk about listening to new ideas. Some people don’t listen to new ideas– they think their way of is the best and only way! There’s a story about a student who had lots of ideas about how to do things. The student tries to impress the teacher with the things he knew. The teacher listened and then invited the student for tea. He poured the tea until the cup overflowed. The student was shocked. The teacher said, “Like this cup you’re full of your own ideas. How can I teach you new things unless you first empty your cup?” What do you think this story means (i.e. so full of our own ideas-> closed off, can’t learn)? Look around us- much of what we see was once a new idea (i.e. phone, computer) What else? When someone shares a new idea, we need to keep our ears…OPEN…our eyes… OPEN…and our mind…OPEN!

If you have time: Why might people NOT listen to new ideas? Do you have to accept and love all ideas?