December POWerful Word – OPEN-MINDEDNESS – Week 3

There are so many wonderful people in our class and community. Who are some of the wonderful people you’ve met (i.e. teachers, police officers, friends)? When we keep an open mind, we can meet all kinds of people. Today let’s talk about how we can meet and greet kind and helpful adults. When we are meeting adults for the first time, some people might feel nervous–What might they do with their eyes and their body when nervous? When we keep an open-mind and show our confidence, what do our eyes and our bodies do when meeting an adult (i.e. Look up, shoulders back, shake hands)? Let’s do the Powerful Greeting. “Hello Ma’am/Sir, My name is _____. It’s nice to meet you. How are you today?” Let’s practice! (Get volunteers)

If you have time: How can you practice this powerful greeting? Can you keep an open mind & try it this week?