December POWerful Word – Open Mindedness – Week 4

It’s December- an exciting time filled with many holidays and different celebrations. If we keep an open mind, we can learn a lot from others. What are some of the holidays people
celebrate this month? How are they similar? Different? Why is it important to keep an open mind about the way people celebrate? While we may like our way better, it’s important to show respect for differences. How can we do that? How do you celebrate YOUR holiday?

Note of SAME/DIFFERENT: CHRISTMAS celebrates the birth of Jesus on December 25th (people often put up a Christmas tree, say prayers, decorate with lights/candles, give gifts, eat
with family/friends) HANUKKAH is called the Festival of Lights & celebrates freedom & a miracle that the oil for the oil lamp lasted for 8 days instead of one (The Jewish people light the
Menorah candles, say prayers, eat with family/friends, and give gifts.) KWANZAA celebrates the African American heritage (lasts 7 days & starts Dec. 27th, light the 7 Kinara candles, say
prayers, eat with friends & family and give gifts.)