Decided that it is one of the best cardio workouts I’ve ever done…

*Note: This review is from our old location, our current Bryant location has no sketchyness to speak of, is not in a basement and there are no shirtless men in the window…dummy or otherwise.*

At first glance, this place looks a little sketch….maybe it’s because of the ghetto yellow sign in the front, or because the classes are held in a basement, or when you look in the window there’s a man with no shirt on and then you realize it’s a dummy…nonetheless, this place offers an awesome kick boxing class!! I’ve been going for a month now and have decided that it is one of the best cardio workouts I’ve ever done, and I’ve tried a lot of things in my day. Not only does it get my heart racing, but it’s a lot of fun and 45 minutes goes by in a flash. The instructor is super cute, full of energy, can definitely kick some ass, and she is able to mix technical skill with fun obstacle courses etc. to spice things up.

The class usually has around 8 -10 people, all who are at different fitness levels and ages, but yet each person is still challenged. The best thing is that the first class is free!!! I recommend that everyone give it a try – you’d be surprised at how much stress and angst is expelled. I really like ending my day by kicking and punching as hard and as fast as I can….I just imagine all the exasberating situations of the day or how frustrating relationships can be and then I feel at peace. My one complaint is that the class is from 8:15pm-9pm and I am usually wide awake for another hour and a half which makes it hard to wake up in the mornings. One time I even went for a jog around Green Lake afterwards because I had so much energy.

Anyway, it’s definitely worth checking out – but beware – you will probably get hooked!